Gymnastics Competition 2020

DE Sportz&Dance coached gymnastics this term at Woodhouse west & Hunters Bar primary schools. Both teams entered the Key Steps Gymnastics Competiton 2019/2020, both Hunters Bar and Woodhouse West competed and performed very well in both the Foundation & Advance routines and vault sections. Welldone to all the children envolded you made us and your schools proud.
Results: Year 3/4 foundation Hunters Bar 11th & Woodhouse west 20th out of 26 
Year 5/6 Foundation Woodhouse West 12th & Hunters Bar 13th out of 25 teams
Year 5/6 Advance Hunters Bar Team 3 8th Hunters Bar Team 1 13th Hunters Bar Team 2 14th out of 23 teams 

Basketball competition 10th November 2019

DE Sportz & Dance coached Basketball for a term at Dobcroft Juniors and Woodhouse West Primary then  invited them to play at a Sheffield Sharks Game, to play a short game at half-time on Sunday 10th November at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.

Many Parents attended together with Teachers from the schools to cheer the kids on, together with the Sharks crowd. After an entertaining and hard-fought game the Dobcroft Dragons finished winners over the Woodhouse West Warriors.

It’s wonderful when we get such enthusiastic kids together playing sport and to have the support of the Sheffield Sharks makes it a really exciting time. The experience of playing at one of these games with the huge crowds who follow the Sharks will stay with the kids their entire lives, and we hope it will encourage them to continue playing sport as they grow into young adults and beyond.

Street Dance Performance

Hallam University Invited DE Sportz&Dance to attend their Teachers Annual Conference in March 2019 to provide a Street dance Routine from a local primary school. We took along our Greystones primary street dance group who received a standing ovation from the students and parents for there fantastic performance. Welldone Girls you did us proud. 
Latest news 2019:

We have been helping schools in their National School Sports week and delivered daily sessions of Tag Rugby, Zumba and Kwik Cricket, where each class at the school participated in 30 minute sessions, together with Teachers and Parents. 
Holiday clubs have been booked for the Summer break which will consist of four hour sessions of Dance and Multi Sports activities.
We are currently meeting and speaking with TARA groups in Sheffield to add to our other TARA groups where we are delivering Street Dance to primary school children in their community.
DE Sportz&Dance coaches Nancy & Fin have been coaching Basketball after school clubs in Dobcroft primary school and Carterknowle primary school. The pupils then attended the sheffield sharks game to play in there half time were they where cheered on by hundreds of fans, family and friends. Both teams scored leaving it in a draw and what a game it was, the children played amazingly well and loved the experience.  

Festival Of The Mind

Festival Of The Mind
DE Sportz&Dance attended the Festival Of The Mind Show in Sheffield Town with Greystones Primary school and there Glee Group from Year 3 4 & 5. 
Emily had been working with the children leading upto the event to get there Glee performance to link in with their concept of using "Nature processes" to produce different products with less waste and pollution.
The Group performed in front of a large crowed in the tent including there parents, and what a fantastic job they did. 

Half Time Basketball Game

DE Sportz&Dance Coached Basketball After school club at Birley spa & Reignhead primay schools in Autumn term. The Pupils who attended the clubs were then invited to a Sheffield Sharks Game, where they watched and cheered on the Sharks. The schools then played against each other at half time in fronted of the Sharks Crowd. Both teams performed well with Reignhead winning the game. The pupils then at the end of the game had photos with the Sharks players along with a joint photo. Parents and Teachers from the school attended and all had a fantastic time. This was a great Sucess and our company and we look forward to delivering this again. 
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